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5 Yummy Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. oreo balls
  2. shrimp tortillitas
  3. panini
  4. pecan chocolate cake (atkins)
  5. peanut butter cup cookies

1 Oreo Balls

Oreo cookies are yummy on their own but this recipe just makes them soooo much better.

2 Shrimp Tortillitas

This recipe looks yummy and very easy to do. Will definitely be trying this this weekend.

3 Panini

What's better than one panini recipe? Ten, of course!

4 Pecan Chocolate Cake (Atkins)

The Atkins diet stresses high fat but low carbs. You might think that there is no way you can have cake if you're on this diet but you'd be wrong. Yes, you can make cake without flour or sugar.

5 Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Another recipe that made an already-heavenly thing (peanut butter) yummier.

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