5 Must See Movies This Thanksgiving Weekend ...


Yay, it’s that time again – time to watch new movies and this Thanksgiving weekend is not that far away! After New Moon, do you think we will find a movie to top that? Of course we will, Eclipse! However, we have awhile (sometime in June, so I heard) before we get to see Edward, Jacob and Bella, so for now, we have to settle for these 5 new movies coming out this Thanksgiving:

5. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Director: Rebecca Miller

Genre: Drama

Cast: Robin Wright Penn, Keanu Reeves, Alan Arkin

Summary: To everyone on the outside, Pippa Lee Leads a charming life. She is a devoted wife and a proud mother of two adult children. She is also a trusted friend. As Pippa follows her husband to a whole new life in a retirement community, her world and persona is going to be at the ultimate test. Looks are deceiving and this woman has saw her fair share of turmoil growing up. How is her bittersweet journey going to be? This is something you need to watch to see…

The Road
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