5 Most Effective Natural Ways to Fight Flu ...

Flu caught us quite early this season. By the end of November a large number of people already caught a flu of one form or another.

If you can’t afford to stay home at least 6 days and then feel awful another couple a weeks trying to recuperate and get your full strength back, you might want to try these 5 all natural yet very effective ways to beat the downtime and get well in no time:

1. Build up Your Immune System ...

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It’s advisable to take some vitamin-herbal supplements on a regular basis to build up you immune system. Insufficient sunlight together with everyday stress lowers your natural ability to fight infections. There are many amount of products on the market which can strengthen your immune system including WellMax by Country Life or Wellness Formula by Source Natural.

The first place you are likely to pick up a virus – it’s your nostril lining – keep it protected and moist. Make some Viral Defense Oil. Combine together:

β€’ 1oz of Olive Oil
β€’ 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
β€’ 10 drops of Lavender Oil
β€’ 5 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
β€’ 5 drops of Oregano Oil

Mix everything together and apply it to each nostril every morning before leaving to work with a q-tip. Carry some with you and apply any time you feel your nose is dry. Great for kids too, and has a pleasant, minty scent.

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