5 Blue-Green and Everything Fab in between...

1. a Sea of Shimmers

How adorable is this cocktail ring? I am not a huge fan or insect-inspired rings but I will make an exception for this dragonfly beauty. Oh how it shimmers beautifully!

2. for Chasing the Waves

Rubber boots, of course. Who says you can't look cute while escaping puddles (or waves) and keeping your feet dry? And if you happen to get lost in the pouring rain or the misty beach, your bright boots can serve as beacons.

3. a Trip to the Beach

Well, it will be a shame to bring this teal tote only to your beach trips but there is no stopping you. Just saying that the color has that classic touch that will be perfect all year long.

4. Tulips by the Sea

I wish I have the right body frame to wear tulip skirts. Lucky E of Academichic has long legs so she certainly gives this turquoise tulip skirt justice. Which of the looks is your fave?

5. Sitting by the Waters

Look how lovely this dining room is! I have a thing for interiors that are the perfect combos of blue (or blue-green) and white, so color me in love.