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By Selahattin

Peoplecan always with kinds bothering and attacks. In these situations defense techniques unite with practical intelligence. Also people’s behaviors and soulsmust been thought in these positions. Preventing from bothering and attacks byusing one of the defense sports ( Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kick box atc) Iscalled close defense art.

Theaim of Close Defence Art. In our country and on the world defence is more important in close protection and security which are doing for a sort of time. People who do this job (police, security, Soldier ) are always exposed to kinds of buttering andatackts. In these positions we can see the importance of Close Defence Art

-To improve are of the defense sports for preventing from buttering and attractsand to teach people who do these jobs

-To give theory and tactic lesson to people whosejobs are close protection and security to important their other people.
-Tohelp people who want to carry out this job veil.
To cooperate with other people and foundations in our country and foreign countries for knowledge trade and investigate to be help of improving and wide spreading this art.

Selahattin BIYIKLI

Selahattin BIYIKLI
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