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The Coutorture Party ...

By Elke

Last night was a whirlwind of makeup, laughter and music. Why? It was the party to celebrate the fashion ( and beauty!) network Coutorture's launch and to celebrate the ultra cool Zoe of verbal croquis's win at GenArt!

Pre-party prep started with me lugging my makeup kit (which is really luggage on wheels, I know so chic!) to Julie's place to get me, Julie, Zoe and Danielle, aka, party makeup ready. Mineral makeup on Julie with pinky cheeks (ala Mac's cream cheek blush), dark dramatic eyes on Danielle, and a colorful orangey/yellow smokey eye on Zoe to match the amazing kimono she was wearing. And of course, myself. Dark eyeliner ala 40's (amazing eyeliner find, review coming soon!), blush, glossy lips via Wet & Wild's glossy lip gloss.

Off to the party we went, walking the whole while praying that thunderstorms that were predicted would not threaten us. They did not. Our own private bar downstairs soon got filled up fast with music, conversation and laughter and my first Cosmopolitan drink, though more sour than I thought it would be and the bartender asked if I wanted it light.. ???? I assumed it meant light on alcohol so I said yes, though I sure felt it a few hours later!

All night I was admiring Danielle's top, an amazing designer from Canada who's visiting and just may not go back, only to find out it was also a skirt. Genius! And beautiful and sexy all at once. Girl, let me know when your line is ready, I'm buying! Then intense conversations with Zoe and this crazy world of fashion/beauty that we live in. Finally got to meet the wonderful Leslie of, a personal must read with my morning coffee and then Kim of, and fellow makeup artist swung in and whipped out her camera and snapped photos of us for her blog to document the occasion.

Here's Julie, Leslie and me on the right. Don't we look beautiful? foto:

Hours later, on the subway on my home, I realized how amazing this blog world is that we're all in. Normally, different publications (i.e. magazines) would get together and consider each other competition. But in the blogosphere, there really is none. Each commenting on a point of view, opinion, life and what makes them notice things in this world. Each unique in their own way. Maybe that's why we blog. We have such freedom of expression that is not possible anywhere else. And it certainly showed last night at the party. All unique individuals, with a voice, celebrating what brings us all together. A blog.

Don't you love that?

Thanks to Julie & Phillip of Coutorture. Looking forward to your 1 year anniversary bash!

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