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Still Having a Cow ...

By MaryAn

WARNING: This post contains cow cliches.

Ten months and 220 posts later, my daily count is finally exceeding 100 visitors. Why is that a big deal? Because writers like to know they're being read, that's why!

But, it's not about me. Nope. It's about Steve Oedekerk. Yesterday 38 of my 105 visitors arrived at Fencing with the Fog by web searching the Barnyard movie with words like male, udder, cow, and bull. Great. You don't read my thematic reflexivity post but clamor for Crying Game cows?

Since udders get people to show up at a random nobody's screenwriting blog, I am even more convinced that the bulls with boobs are marketing fodder meant to grow Barnyard into a cash cow. Good job, Steve, but while Barnyard still has my knickers in a twist, I won't be planting them in a seat to see the full length version of the cow tipping comedy. I am, after all, too busy seeing Dead Man's Chest every few days and will probably keep seeing Dead Man's Chest until the cows come home -- or at least until the movie comes out on DVD. Don't give me any flack about the film's flaws either unless you want me to tell you how the cow at the cabbage.
Meanwhile, I sure wish Steve Oedekerk would call or email or send me a message by carrier cow so I can ask him about this mammary confused animation. But the more pressing question is, **"Steve, when are you gonna do Dead Man's Thumb?" **Yeah, I want to write it. Duh. Swashbuckling thumbs! How cool is that? Well, as long as the male thumbs don't have udders.

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