We Are the Wal-Mart Cat: Life through the Eyes of the Royal Feline (with or without Bennies) ...

We Are the Cat: Life Through the Eyes of the Royal Feline Terry Bainlinks §amazon §alibris">http://www.alibris.com/search/detail.cfm%253FS%253DR%2526isbn%253D0307339181">alibris §booksense §google §powells I don't know why it should be, but it's always a bit shocking to find my books available at Wal-Mart. I will not discourage you from buying a book there, because I would not discourage you from buying a book anywhere, but I personally have never had a satisfactory Wal-Mart experience in my life. Have you ever ever had one? What happened? Did you have a terrible one? Tell me about that too.I should probably note that availability of my books at Wal-Mart online does not foretell the selling of said books in their fine cinderblock establishments. Nay. It rather signifies the robustness of their online sales database. Now, if my book was available in their store? Hm. I would be talking about something else altogether. Likely I would be selling a lot more books (and making a lot more money in the process). I wonder, though, if my publisher would be selling them at a loss just to have them in the store.I doubt it. Random House seems pretty savvy about this stuff, and Amazon.com's markdown is likely steeper than Wal-Mart's.See you at the check-out counter.Tags: book | books | database | sales | terrybain | wal-mart | wearethecat. [...]

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