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Paris Jiltin' ...

By Jewelry

In Paris, le diable s'habille en Dior, and Chanel and Lanvin, of course, and there's something undeniably devil-may-care about this incomparable town. Lovers, fashion trends, decorum—not to mention diets and exercise routines—are jilted regularly in favor of something hotter, plus amusant, plus au courant. Which is why it will always be the world's fashion mecca, where clothes aren't just worn but worshipped. MC Fashion Director Tracy Taylor 'Berryed us the following: “Viktor & Rolf was a veritable ‘put your pen down' moment, not only for the clothes but also for the live performance by playlist perennial Rufus Wainwright! He's good friends with the Dutch duo and wears their clothes incredibly well. A couple of ballroom dancers opened the show with a full orchestra accompanying, paving the way for the parade of models. A palette of black white and nude ensued, with the ever-popular Viktor & Rolf star motif throughout. Chandeliers hung from the sky, while chandelier-type crystals adorned sleek chiffon frocks and skin-colored tights. Apres-show, Joanna and I took Viktor and Rolf to eat at the Meurice, and while I played the groupie and fawned over Rufus, he was gracious and complimented the excellent acoustics during the show. “More tea drinking at Angelina, and then Kathryn Floyd, our extra-fab accessories editor, and I took in the Isabel Marant show in the tents at the Tuileries. A longtime boho favorite, Marant muted her usual embellishment in favor of a relatively neutral palette of grays, blacks, and ivories—a nice fit for any chic peasant girl. Surprise, surprise, May Andersen walked the show! She got a warm welcome back, especially by model-enthusiasts who hadn't seen her since the tabloid pix of her after her arrest on a flight to Miami and deportation back to the Netherlands! “Next was the Derek Lam presentation, after a glass of champagne at the Meurice bar—Paul, Kathryn, and I toasted Derek and told him that his tres elegant and rock-star-worthy white blouse from the fall collection would be on our November cover, worn by a most famous American TV idol (whom we won't reveal here!!). He was thrilled!! And provided the kind of moment that makes a fashion director sleep like a bebe. . . and so bonne nuit from me!” Kathryn Floyd, from the hotel room right next to Tracy, e-mailed her take: “I have to say that the Viktor & Rolf show was, without a doubt, the best fashion show I've ever seen—and I've seen quite a few! You walked in, and it was like an old '30s dinner club—chandeliers, champagne, and all. Then two professional dancers came out to start the show; they were amazing! The show began with the models gliding down the runway in their signature yet unique take on the tux. There were beautiful crystal and fringe details on many of the looks. Some of my faves were the ombre trench with white piping, the fabulous petticoat skirts, and the gorgeous off-the-shoulder tux jacket. And at the end, to shamelessly (and pourquoi pas??) promote their new men's scent, they had eight male classical dancers come out and dance together—amazing. I have goose bumps thinking about it. A total geek-out fashion moment that makes you realize all over again how lucky you are to be in a job that you LOVE. . .” Try Marie Claire RISK-FREE for more fall fashion tips & trends [...] [...]

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