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WCB 59 ...

By clare

Check out the cutest newest addition to the family Sirius Black at s’kat and the food

Check out the kitty giving instructions on behavioural modifications to avoid the heat at Champaign Taste

Check out the little grey kitten now bound to be head out in to the world with a new family at Kitchen Mage (And yes he has been adopted!)

Check out The war on fleas, one battle has been one but help is needed to win the war at Chef Sarah Jane
The Kittys are on garden patrol working hard at Two black Cats
Everyone go visit Colin and wsh him a very happy birthday *HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN* at The Westering HillsOmelete impersonations at Rosa’s Yummy Yums

Check out Upsie, man she is on cool cat, with the impersonations and all at What did you eat?

Check out Chip, the adorable little kitten that is being fostered and hand raised as he has no kitty mum, until he is big enough to be adopted at

Check out thekitty trying to extract every last ounce of cooling power out of the shade at Jelly Pizza

Check out Houdini as he attempts to negotiate with the water goddess at Farcartouche and The Middle Fork

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