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If you are looking for an excerpt to read from We Ae the Cat, Crown has a handy one on the website... which should help you decide to buy the book immediately. Follow the link for a more extended excerptation.We Are the Cat: Life Through the Eyes of the Royal Feline Terry Bainlinks §amazon §alibris">">alibris §booksense §google §powells CrownScratchScratch is what we call the male adult Lap of our household. He pretends, at times, to be of some importance, to rule or to control. But there is little in the household that he actually rules or controls. Perhaps he rules and controls the extremely noisy and irritating car that nobody ever drives or rides in but him. We do not know. He does seem to know exactly where and how to scratch behind our ears, and at what depth and duration. We rarely have to warn him that we are finished with his scratch, and when we do warn him, or when we bat away his hand or bite, he does not seem to mind. Also he scratches just near our tail, and on our haunches above the knee. He scratches in a way that we are not able to scratch, but nevertheless seems natural, as if this is a scratch that was Meant to Be, and it is one of the Reasons We Are Here. We therefore call him Scratch.Blessings on you and all your relations and their pets.Tags: book | cat | excerpt | royalwe | terrybain | we | WeAretheCat. [...]

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