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2007 Golden Globes Best in Beauty ...

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Sorry for the slightly grainy quality of the photos, but Blogger no longer wants to let me upload pictures so I have had to resort to other methods. You can always check out more photos on Getty.

Jennifer Hudson. I was so happy that she won. That deep burgundy lipstick on Jennifer is stunning, and she's also rocking pink-gold eyeshadow with "cat" liquid liner. Perfect.

Helen Mirren. I want to look like her when I'm 61! Damn! Her lipstick is a gorgeous, cool petal pink that looked amazing with her silver hair. And she has fab arches.

Isla Fisher. She is so pretty. Borat/Ali G/Sacha Baron Cohen is a lucky guy. This is a perfect example of how to choose neutrals and earthtones for redheads without making everything look like orange clay.

Reese Witherspoon. The dress, the hair, the makeup, I loved it all. Her lips were matte without looking dry or thin.

Jennifer Lopez. Jenny from the Block is either on or off (remember the turban?). This was definitely an "on" night. She's flawless.

Angelina Jolie. With her signature cat eyes and pouty mouth, she's regal but still saucy, as if to say, "I'll take your baby and your husband, but I know you'll still love me."

Sheryl Crow. I've always been a huge fan of Sheryl and the past couple of years have been really tough on her. She and Lance Armstrong broke up and she battled (and defeated) breast cancer...but it sure doesn't show. She looks like a gorgeous beachy California girl. Rachel Zoe wishes she could look this good.

Penelope Cruz. Does she ever look bad? Her thick black eyelashes look perfect with her lacy black dress, and she always manages to look fresh and glowy without being "shiny" or glittery.

Eva Longoria. She wins for best lashes of the night but that's just because I'm a lash freak. They're HUGE. **Annie** thinks they must be Shu and I agree. She's actually edging on the wrong side of "tranny" but I don't care; I am a sucker for overdone lashes. And does anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance to Marisa Tomei here?

all photos: Getty Images

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