Miu Miu Ad Campaign Flashback: Drew Barrymore ...

Miu Miu has a history of chosing controversial starlets for their ad campaigns. In 1995, Drew Barrymore appeared in the Spring campaigns during an interesting time in her career. Before she was the fashion darling she is today, Drew appeared in a Playboy pictorial, along with the movies Boys on the Side and Batman Forever in 1995.

This gives hope to Lindsay Lohan’s recovery. Currently one of Hollywood’s “Bad Girls”, this is proof that she too can overcome a few growing pains to turn into a fashion plate and a respected actress. See Drew Barrymore next in Music and Lyrics, alongside Hugh Grant.

Compared with the Drew Barrymore of today, starring in last summer’s Missoni campaign.

Just in case you missed it, check out Lindsay Lohan’s Miu Miu campaign here and here.

–Source: The Drew Barrymore Collective

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