10 Unique Themed Hotels from around the World ...

I’ve read about some unusual hotels in my lifetime. The ones listed below are very unique indeed. I’d never come across any of these 10 unique themed hotels from around the world. I hope you enjoy reading about them and maybe even get the chance to stay in at least one of them someday. I thought they each were amazing in their own special way.

10. Taprobane Island

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Photo Credit: See Sri Lanka, Feel Sri Lanka

This is an extremely small hotel that only consists of 5 en-suite bedrooms. There are also 5 staff members to assist you with whatever you need. The little hotel situated on Taprobane Island was built during the 1920s. The land surrounding the hotel consists of little more than 2 acres of tropical wonder. This island hotel is located in Sri Lanka and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Most visitors to the hotel never leave the island until they are ready to check out of their hotel room.

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