8 Most Exciting Train Journeys ...


8 Most Exciting Train Journeys ...
8 Most Exciting Train Journeys ...

A journey does not just have to a gap between home and destination. It can be an adventure and a holiday in itself. A train journey allows you to savor the beauty of the landscape and scenery in a leisurely, yet luxurious fashion. Here is a list of the 8 most exciting train journeys from around the world.

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Glacier Express, Switzerland

Glacier Express, Switzerland Photo Credit: world-travel-pictures-blog.blogspot.com
Although one of the slowest train journeys in the world, it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting. It covers 180 miles in 8 hours, but the route weaves through the majestic panorama of mountains and glaciers and crosses 291 bridges at the height of 6,670 feet.


Simplon Orient Express, Venice

Photo Credit: orient-express.com

The Simplon Express is indeed one of the most exciting train journeys to see Europe on the tracks. The route weaves through France, Austria and Switzerland and connects London, Rome, Budapest, Prague and London.


Pride of Africa

Pride of Africa Photo Credit: honeymoons.about.com

If you want to experience the grandeur and majesty of the African continent, this exciting train journey is the way to do it. It traverses the continent at a leisurely pace and takes 14 days to complete the route. The train itself is extremely luxurious and comfortable.



Photo Credit: satbtm.co.uk

The Eurostar does spend a lot of time under the sea, which may not be the most fascinating aspect of the journey, but the class and comfort of the train itself more than make up for it. The train is also speedy and gives you a great glimpse of the European continent.


Flam Railway, Norway

Flam Railway, Norway Photo Credit: virtualwayfarer

Imagine descending into the fjords of Flam from the height of 3000 feet? That is what makes this journey one of the most exciting train journeys in the world. The train journey is a mere 20 kilometers, but it is akin to being on a really long rollercoaster.


Palace on Wheels, India

Palace on Wheels, India Photo Credit:blog.paradizo.com

The Palace on Wheels is a great way to explore large parts of the vast Indian subcontinent. The treatment meted out to passengers is indeed royal, harkening back to the days of kings and queens in the country.


Eastern and Oriental Express

Photo Credit: premier-prestige.co.uk

Traversing the distance between Singapore and Bangkok, what makes this journey one of the most exciting train journeys is the fact that it goes right through the tropical rainforest. Also, the train is extremely modern, stylish and highly comfortable.


The Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman Photo Credit: Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

While it is one of the most expensive train rides it in the world, it is also the most exciting and exhilarating. You will discover little known waterfalls, rivers, mountains and valleys in Scotland. The view throughout the ride is phenomenal and breathtaking. One unique aspect of the train is that it pulls over at night so that passengers do not miss any of the stunning scenery.

Taking a train journey is no doubt a nostalgic experience. But, if you go on any one of these 8 exciting train journeys, it will also be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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I really have to comment on the info about Eurostar. The exciting thing for most people (other than those using it for the convenience of getting to Europe for business) is the very fact you are going under the sea. Also, the class and comfort aspect is only there if you pay for it in business class - at great expense over standard class tickets. Accommodation on Eurostar is not really very much different to standard up to date UK trains. Having had personal experience of Eurostar, I can't think of anything (in my opinion) that qualifies this to be on the list especially as there are plenty of other underwater train journeys across the world so it's not even qualifying of that accolade.

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