7 Mountain Top Resorts with a Spectacular View ...


7 Mountain Top Resorts with a Spectacular View ...
7 Mountain Top Resorts with a Spectacular View ...

Being on top of a mountain is a sensational feeling. The ability to see the kind of view that a mountain top affords is just majestic. It gets even better when you have a resort at the top of a mountain and you can stay and relish the view as much as you want. Here is my list of 7 mountain top resorts with a spectacular view that you simply must visit.

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Located in Teton Village in Wyoming, the Jackson Hole Resort, as the name suggests, overlooks the Jackson Hole valley. It is one of the best ski resorts in the area with a spectacular view to boot. The ski area is large, covering two mountains, but is rugged and mostly suited for experts. However, there are also summer activities available when there isn’t enough snow for skiing.


Candy Mountain Resort

This is definitely one of the best mountain top resorts with a spectacular view. It is located in the scenic Sevier County near Marysvale, Utah right in the middle of the Paiute ATV trail. It offers white water rafting as the chief activity and has a new bike trail as well.


Eagle Height Mountain Resort

Another one of the best mountain top resorts with a spectacular view, this one is very popular amongst tourists. Its location affords an unbroken view from Moreton Bay in the north to the Tweed Heads in the south. It is nothing short of spectacular.


Smuggler’s Notch Resort

Amidst the picture perfect Green Mountains of north Vermont, this mountain resort has an awesome view as well as a great skiing area. The ski area covers three adjacent mountains, called Morse, Madonna and Sterling.


Killington Mountain Resort

Not only does this resort have spectacular views, it also has the largest skiing area in East Vermont. Its skiing area covers 6 adjacent mountains that offer great opportunities for vertical skiing.


Chengde Mountain Resort

Located in Chengde oh Hebei province in China, this is perhaps one of the largest mountain resort in the world. It covers 5.64 million square meters and it took an astonishing 89 years to build. It has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. It has two major zones or areas called the Palace Zone and Scenic Zone. The palace zone will delight anyone interested in the architectural heritage of China, while the scenic zone with its lake area and plains area will charm anyone who loves spectacular views.


Chamonix Mont Blanc Ski Resort

This resort is certainly one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. Situated at the foot of Mont Blanc, it boasts of being the highest peak in the Alps and the second highest in Europe. As you can imagine, the view from this resort is just mind blowing.

While most of the 7 mountain top resorts with a spectacular view tend to be ski resorts in the winter, summer is the best time to visit them if it is the view you are after.

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