7 Must Sail Amazing Cruises ...


7 Must Sail Amazing Cruises ...
7 Must Sail Amazing Cruises ...

Unlike other forms or travel and vacation, cruises combine exotic destinations with a rich travelling experience. Your vacation doesn’t start when you land at the destination, but from the moment you get on board the cruise. For those of you who want to experience the world of cruising, here are the must sail amazing cruises from around the world.

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Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth Photo Credit: cruises.about.com

The Cunard cruise line has always been a popular choice. This particular cruise is a heavenly combination of age old traditional values and modern comforts. You can cruise through Northern Europe, as well as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas.


Victoria’s Victoria Jenna

Photo Credit: chinanewtrip.com

This is one of the most must sail amazing cruises along a river. It takes you along China’s Yangtze River and features great amenities as well as exciting itineraries.


Abercrombie and Kent’s MV Le Boreal

Abercrombie and Kent’s MV Le Boreal Photo Credit: Abercrombie&Kent

If stately travel is not all that you want and it is excitement and adventure you are looking for, then this is definitely one of the must sail amazing cruises. This is an expedition ship that takes you to explore the last frontier: Antarctica. It has a range of high class amenities and the explorations are just breathtaking.


MSC Cruises’ MSC Poesia

Photo Credit: expertcruiser.com

If you prefer a domestic cruise to an international cruise, this is the perfect cruise for you. MSC Poesia is also said to be the greenest ship on the waters taking you on a wonder exploration of New England and Canada.


Sea Cloud Cruises’ Hussar

Sea Cloud Cruises’ Hussar Photo Credit: eurorivercruises.com

This new 3-mast ship with billowing white sails is a romantic’s dream come true. Definitely one of the must sail amazing cruises, it takes you to exotic destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The most talked about feature in this cruise is its fabulous itineraries.


Voyages to Antiquity’s MV Aegean Odyssey

Voyages to Antiquity’s MV Aegean Odyssey Photo Credit: seaviewcruises.co.uk

If partying at various stops is not your thing and you would prefer to be steeped in history and culture instead, this is the cruise for you. Visit the ancient empires of the world on this cruise- Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt along the Mediterranean Sea and North African border and engage in special sightseeing tours that will take you to a timeless and ageless world.


Disney Cruises for Family Fun

Disney Cruises for Family Fun Photo Credit: kearlklan.blogspot.com

If you are looking for a cruise that is as much fun for children as it is for adults, the most obvious choice is any one of the Disney Cruises. There are a number of domestic as well as international cruises for you to choose from. You can be fully assured that children will not complain of a moment of boredom aboard these cruises and adults will have a lot of fun as well.

Each one of these cruises is a fascinating adventure. There are typically a number of exciting onboard activities like scuba diving, snorkeling etc. as well as learning new languages and new forms of art. There is no doubt that you will have the time of your life if you choose one of these must sail amazing cruises.

Top image source: destination360.com

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