10 Tiffany Garden Flower Rings, Pendants and Earrings ...


If you too are guilty of occasional Tiffany jewelry browsing, you simply've got to see these gorgeous out of this world pieces from new Tiffany Garden Flower collection, or as Tiffany puts it, "a graceful, feminine collection that takes its inspiration from nature’s most beautiful blooms". Timeless, elegant, amazing - are the best words to describe these Tiffany Garden Flower rings, pendants and earrings all made of amethysts, citrines, peridotes and... diamonds, of course:

1. Tiffany Garden Flower Earrings with Amethysts

Tiffany Garden Flower earrings in 18k rose gold with lavender amethysts and round brilliant diamonds. Sigh. I personally fell in love at first sight with these lovely feminine Tiffany earrings. Never thought I'd fall for a piece of jewelry made of rose gold, but here I am, sitting and staring at these garden flower earrings, unable to look away even for a second... Mesmerizing, really...

Price: $1250 at tiffany.com

Tiffany Garden Flower Drop Earrings with Citrines
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