10 Pretty Pieces to Bring the Beach into Your Home ...

Our annual beach vacation is my favorite part of summer and I look forward to it all year long! When winter dumps a mountain of snow on the roads and I’m stuck inside waiting for the ice to melt, I like to day dream about the sand between my toes and the salty breeze keeping me cool beneath the sun’s hot stare. Now that spring has arrived, I’m counting down the days until my beach vacation. While I’m waiting, I’ve decided to bring a little bit of the beach to my home in the mountains. If warm weather has you wishing for the beach too, try incorporating these 10 pretty pieces to bring the beach into your home.

1. Cast Iron Sea Horse

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Price: 12.00 at etsy.com
This little sea horse might only be five inches tall, but it makes me happy every time I see it! Something about the worn cast iron reminds me of a beach villa that has been battered by the surf. Perch this little sea horse on your kitchen window sill and you can dream of the ocean while you wash the dishes at night.

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