10 Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities of 2010 ...

Is it just me, or does everyone get excited when Forbes release the ‘Most Powerful Celebs’ list?! I love seeing whose up there at the top, having a huge influence over our celeb world, and I don’t mind getting a peak at their bank balance either...you’d be surprised who hit the list in 2010, though. As well as a couple of the usual, there was a lot of movement, and some brand new faces too. Here are the top ten!

1. Oprah Winfrey

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Photo Credit: ycvibe

Oprah just seems to go from strength to strength, and knocking Angelina Jolie off the top spot in this years Forbes list reflects this perfectly. Not only does she earn millions ($315, to be exact!) but she’s also very well ‘branded’...she’s got an opinion everyone always wants to here, and she manages to keep herself out of controversial situations. She’s even rumoured to be launching her own TV station later this year! Oprah is one step closer to world domination...You go, girl!

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