Catwalk to Photo Shoot - Renee Zellweger

The Leatherheads actress, Renee Zellweger has recently been on a promotional tour with George Clooney.

In the April 2008 edition of InStyle US magazine she talks about life, love, and new roles.

On the cover, Renee looks beautiful in a strapless green Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 dress.

Here are some extracts from her interview:

On being asked to star as the love interest for George Clooney in Leatherheads: "It was a no-brainer I heard George was making a movie and I said, โ€˜When?โ€™ If he had asked me to make peanut-butter sandwiches for the catering, I would have said, โ€˜Crunchy or smooth?โ€™"

On watching all the hunky guys running around playing football: "I guess someone had to do it. (chuckles) Talk about living the dream."

On having a similar experience with Appaloosa costarring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons: "Again, poor me. (laughs) That was just awful. Men in cowboy hats and boots, every day."

On not being homesick: "Sometimes people ask, โ€˜Donโ€™t you miss your home?โ€™ Well, no. I go to work with George Clooney or Harry Connick. So, not so much."

On being an optimist 24/7: "Iโ€™m so fortunate. I think I was born happy."

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