8 Ways to Cool the Drama Outbreaks ...


Have you ever asked yourself why some people make such a big deal over life’s little upsets?

Or maybe you are the Drama Queen, but wish that you took things with much less personality.

Either way, though drama may be amusing at times, it can be a little more than necessary in a few cases.

Keep reading to find out how you can cool the drama and move on to a more peaceful, calm life…

1. Your Husband’s Relentless Refusal to Pick up after Himself

Please be calm, and instead of picking up his dirty socks and throwing them at him, talk to him.

Make a deal with him…say if he will stop leaving his socks in the floor, you will stop throwing them at him!

2. Your Children’s Back Talk

It may be really frustrating for you when every suggestion you make is thrown back in your face by your 10 year old, and even your 15 year old.

Tell you child that you will not tolerate disrespect, and that being rude is not the way to deal with his or her problems.

3. An Interfering Mother in Law

If your mother in law call every day complaining that her son needs to call her more often than he does.

Next time she calls, instead of blowing your top, calmly let her know that situation needs to be handled by her and her son.

Politely let her know it isn’t any of your business and she needs to take it up with your husband.2

4. A Bad Experience at the Store

If you have went through a bad shopping experience and want to take your frustration out on every one in sight, don’t.

Whether the bad time was a store employee or just a bad time on your own, you will see more accomplished if you respond in calm and clear voice.

Unhappy Customer Service
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