8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party ...


Parties are great.

Not only are they a great way to cheer people up, they also allow everyone to dress up and socialize, and if you get it right, it could be the social event of the season.2

And trust me, I’ve got some pretty nice presents from throwing a great party!

How do you make sure your party will be a success, though, and that people won’t be leaving by 7?2

I’ve been searching for the tips that are sure to make your party rock…

1. Perfect Playlist

Pick your playlist carefully, to avoid dull moments.

While shuffle can work, its much better to choose upbeat songs for socializing, and mellower music for the end of the party and during the meal if there will be one.

Avoid strings of songs by the same artist, and try to mix your tastes a little so that there is something for everyone.2

Comfort Foods
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