7 Gifts for Dad ...


Buying a gift for the average dad can sometimes be a challenge.

Unless they have a definite interest like hunting, fishing or golfing, you can find yourself wandering the store aisles for hours trying to decide on a gift.

Is your dad sentimental?

Does he drink coffee?

Is he a man who is proud to be an American?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have some gift ideas for you!

(And even if you didn't answer yes, I may still have ideas for you as well!)

1. Do You Have a "do-it-your-self" Dad?

Do You Have a "do-it-your-self" Dad?

Is your dad the one who tries to fix everything around the house?

If so, get his am nice tool set, or a subscription to Family Handyman.

Another good idea for a dad like this is to get him a season of "Home Improvement"

2. Is Your Dad a History Buff?

Is Your Dad a History Buff?

If you dad is into history and the romance of the past, try one of these gift ideas.

There are many DVD documentaries like "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America", and "John Adams".

Many books on history are another great idea for history loving dads, such as Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage, Boom!

(A series of personal memories of Tom Brokaw's in the 60's) and My Fellow Americans.

For the dad who likes ties, there is a really beautiful tie with the signatures of our founding fathers on it!

3. The 'Man Cave' Dad

The 'Man Cave' Dad

If your dad has his own special area or "man cave" you can find all sorts of things.

I like the idea of a homemade wooden plaque with "(your father's name)'s Man Cave" or whatever he calls his area.

There are so many options for a dad like this.

Another favorite of mine is a nice dart set or even a series of "Psych"

The Sentimental Dad
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