7 Gifts for Dad ...


Buying a gift for the average dad can sometimes be a challenge.

Unless they have a definite interest like hunting, fishing or golfing, you can find yourself wandering the store aisles for hours trying to decide on a gift.

Is your dad sentimental?

Does he drink coffee?

Is he a man who is proud to be an American?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have some gift ideas for you!

(And even if you didn't answer yes, I may still have ideas for you as well!)

1. Do You Have a "do-it-your-self" Dad?

Do You Have a "do-it-your-self" Dad?

Is your dad the one who tries to fix everything around the house?

If so, get his am nice tool set, or a subscription to Family Handyman.

Another good idea for a dad like this is to get him a season of "Home Improvement"

Is Your Dad a History Buff?
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