7 Tools Every Woman Needs ...


Tools are important. I didn't really realize it even when I first moved out of my parents' house. Now, put two girls in a house without any tools, and arguments are bound to ensue. β€œWhere's the hammer?” β€œWhat hammer? We have never had a hammer.” My dad comes to do repairs quite often, and quite often I make sure he conveniently forgets his tools – but I think it's time we got our own. So, here are 7 tools every woman needs. Do you have these hanging around the house?

1. Hammer


Photo Credit: flight of the troglodyte

Must have. Great for pounding in nails, of course, it is also helpful when you leave the dogs out and they decide to dig up the runner under the door. A hammer is the one thing you can always use, because it's so multifunctional. After all, you can also use it to claw nails out of the wall when you pound them in crooked. Awesome!

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