7 Reasons Why We Fall out of Love ...

Ever wonder what happened to the spark, the ZING that used to be in your relationship? Let’s face it, #people fall out of love sometimes. It’s not fun or easy to deal with, but if you find yourself in a position that causes you to wonder what’s going on with your relationship, take a #look around. Here are 7 reasons why we fall out of love.

1. Resentment

Resentment Photo Credit: pdincubus

Resentment is probably the number one cause of falling out of love with someone. If you or your partner is more successful in business, has better friends or even a brighter attitude and personality, one or the other could grow to resent that in your #relationship. Unresolved arguments or sharp #words can also build up over time causing the person on the receiving end to bury feelings of anger deep inside. Watch out for resentment!