5 Grey Things That Will Make Your Day ...


1. Millionaire's Concrete

Kings of Leon's bassist Jared Followill bought himself a pretty impressive home in Tennessee.

The exterior is in grey and brown, stone and wood.

It's a bit too modern but the interior is to die for.

2. Topshop Saloon Spring Summer 2010

I think I will make this my daily uniform come summer.

Isn't it just perfect?

I will watch out for these pieces once they are made available on our local Topshop.

3. All Grey and Gay

Wondering what fashion items look great in this color?

Wonder no more because College Candy is here to guide you.

I think I want all items featured here.

Even the gloves.

4. Braided Mesh Bracelet on the Cheap

Leave it to Erika to find the best budget versions of wonderful fashion finds.2

I particularly like this post because the budget version is in grey.

5. Slate Grey and All Things Lovely

That is how I would describe the Android Pure Pigment by Illamasqua.2

I think the color is pure beauty.

Tavia agrees with me.

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