3 Easiest Recipes from Indian Cuisine

You may have heard of dal, #chutney and biriyani. Most Indian dishes are elaborate as they involve herbs, spices and lots of passion! If you can’t figure out all the spices just buy a readymade pack. It makes the job so much easier! However, here are three easy #recipes from Indian cuisine that you can use to impress your dinner guests.


This yogurt-based delicacy is a favorite in India as it helps to beat the Indian summer! Not only is it quick to prepare but it compliments almost any meal. Here’s how it’s made. Beat 1quart of natural #yogurt till it is smooth. Then add a pinch of salt and some sugar to it. Grate one large cucumber and let out the extra #water. Add this to the yogurt and sprinkle with half a teaspoon of mint, chili #powder and ground cumin seeds. All these add to the extra flavor and now it’s ready to serve! Yes, it’s that easy!