15 Important Facts about Detoxification You Must Know ...

  1. Our body has really powerful natural detoxification ability to get rid of the toxic substances we accumulate from the environment and foods we eat.
  2. We have 4 major systems to eliminate toxins and lots of auxiliary ways that cooperate with major systems.  
  3. But the amount of chemicals we get in our everyday life is so extremely high that the majority of #people find themselves at the level of toxicity that is way past the point when our body's own detoxification system can cope.
  4. Your liver cleanses your blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year NONSTOP.
  5. Anything you inhaled, digested or absorbed through the skin has to be filtered by your liver in case it might be dangerous for your body.
  6. If your liver did not continually do its job you would have been dead in hours.
  7. Your kidneys, lungs, bowel and skin – other major systems that help toxins find their way out. But none of these organs can take as much pressure as liver.
  8. Lungs eliminate the air you inhale but if there are too many chemicals in it – you start coughing.  Some toxins can go out through the #skin when we sweat – and it's really helpful during any fever.
  9. But if there is a substance in your #body that is supposed to leave differently, you get skin reaction, such as rush, acne or other types of allergy or inflammation.