45 Best Gifts for Men - Your Ultimate Guide to Top Gifts for Him ...

The Best Gifts for Men are not easy to find, especially if you want to get a gift for him he'll actually like. So, whether it's a Birthday, a Christmas, or simply an "I love you" gift you are about to give to your man, you really need to put some thought into it -- or simply check out our ultimate list of the tried and tested Best Gifts for Men to get the gift your guy will absolutely love!

Pamper your significant other with one of these best gifts for guys, but before you start your perfect gift hunt, please take into consideration my previous unfortunate experiences and remember that unless the man in question is gay, any kind of clothes (sweaters, shirts, even designer ones) or perfumes are not seen by men as the best present.

Don't believe me? Ask your straight male friend which one he'd rather have: an Armani shirt or night vision goggles. Men are so different from us, especially when it comes to gifts, you'll be surprised ...

But back to our ultimate list of Top Gifts for Men, scroll on and I am sure you'll find just the perfect gift for your man:

1. A Stylish Louis Vuitton Wallet - Best Luxurious Gift for Men

A Stylish Louis Vuitton Wallet - Best Luxurious Gift for Men Does your man dream of a luxurious car or drive one already? Does he have an appreciation for high end brands? If so, a Louis Vuitton wallet would be the perfect gift for your man. As soft as your touch, a Louis Vuitton wallet will make him feel special, and given it's a nice designer piece, he'll get a kick every time he uses it. And did I mention this gift will last him years and years?