10 Tips on Using Tampons for the First Time ...

Are you thinking of trying out tampons for the first time? Many teenager girls are discouraged and embarrassed about asking their mom how to use tampons, so they end up using the easiest solution for them, which is those bulky old pads that do not allow you to move around much.

Tampax, Playtex and Kotex are basically the same tampon. Some have plastic applicators while others have cardboard. Some are super compact, but they are all the same general product.

On the other hand Ob is completely different – those are the ones you have to insert yourself…with your finger. Can’t say I really liked doing that one, so the first box of Ob tampons was my last.

However, do not rule them out right away, because some women like them.
I understand that you are in need of some tips on using tampons for the first time.

Before I get to telling you those tips, I want to tell you that there is nothing embarrassing about your period. It’s a natural thing, so there is no need to blush each time the word “period” comes up…

Tip #10

No matter what, you should never choose a tampon or pad based upon an advertisement that you saw on television.

Sure, the women on that television are smiling and swimming laps happily, but girls, she isn’t really menstruating at that #time.

She is telling you just how great it is, but you may get it only to find that it does not work for you. That is sales pitch at its finest. It is best if you do your research and see what other #women are saying on blogs. Blogs just like this one…