10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep ...


Have you always been pulled up for being a sleepy head?

Did people laugh at you because they caught you snoozing during class or at work?

Well, the joke is on them now because here are 10 amazing health benefits of sleep!

1. Better Memory

According to leading minds in the medical profession, if you are picking up a new skill, such as a sport or a language, your mind will be able to consolidate it better when you are sleeping.2

You might think nothing goes on in your head while sleeping but in fact, your mind is actually practicing the skills you have learned while you were awake.

So, if you wish to perform better, don’t skimp on your sleep.

2. Longer & Better Life

According to a study conducted in 2010 on women between 50-79 years, it was noticed that more deaths occurred among women who slept less than five hours a day.

Adequate sleep also goes a long way in bettering the quality of your life.2

You do wish to live longer, don’t you?

Then, don’t play around with your sleep.

3. Reduced Inflammation

Research shows that people with inadequate sleep have higher levels of inflammatory proteins in the blood, which in turn are linked to stroke, diabetes, heart disease, premature aging, and arthritis.

You know where this is going, so don’t ignore your sleep routine, for heaven’s sake!

4. Increased Creativity

If you are hoping to let your creative juices run, you may want to begin by investing time in getting sound sleep.

In addition to making your memory stronger, sleeping well also helps restructure and re-organize your brain, which boosts your creativity.2

Need more convincing yet?

5. Better Grades

According to Dr.

Rapoport, an associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, "Severe and reoccurring sleep deprivation clearly impairs learning." Children between 10-16 years who have sleep disorders face concerns with attention and learning.

Another research showed that college students who did not compromise on their sleep cycle had better grades than those that did.

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