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Yummy Links from Rum to Female Chefs

By yumsugar

• How on earth did I miss out on National Rum Day? - Baking Bites
• Need some inspiration? Here are 50 refreshing summer drinks for you to choose from. - iVillage

• These yummy candles look good enough to eat. - CasaSugar

• What happens to the state of food journalism when food bloggers go legit and enter the mainstream? - Serious Eats

• If you're headed to Napa Valley, be sure to check out this guide to the other Napa. - Chow

• My gal Fit made me promise that I would share this recipe for Tomato Paprika Salad Dressing. She says it's like a gazpacho in salad dressing form, oh and it's chockful of all those good antioxidants. - FitSugar

• Famed chef Charlie Trotter has teamed up with United Airlines. Now if only I flew business or first class... - Slashfood

• Did humidity ruin this batch of brownies? - Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen

• Don't be frightened, this alien is good for you. After all, it's only a painting of vegetables. - Will Work For Food

• Cooks vs. chefs? What does it mean to be a female in the kitchen? - Culinate

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