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Thanksgiving Tip How to Get Great Gravy

By partysugar

I never really had a hard time with gravy until last year when it would NOT thicken. You can imagine the panic attack I had when I explained to my guests why the gravy was as runny as water. To ensure that this doesn't happen again, I've read every piece ever written about gravy. Here are some of the tips I've learned for making it great:• Think about proportions. Start by figuring out how much gravy you want. Generally you'll need about 1/2-cup per person. For 4 cups of gravy, you will need 4 cups of stock.
• You will also need fat to make the gravy. For 4 cups of gravy, you'll need about 6 tbsp. of fat.

• Use the pan juices when making the gravy. Put the pan on the burner and collect up the fatty goodness. These are full of delicious flavors.

Deglaze the pan with wine to ensure the flavorful browned bits are removed from the bottom of the turkey roasting pan.

• Flour or cornstarch is necessary to make a roux.

• Make sure the stock/broth is hot when you add it to the mixture.

• Use a wire whisk to make the gravy.

• The gravy must reach the maximum heating point

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