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You Can Handle It ...

By Annie

When it comes to handling life's big and little situations, you probably have quite a few skills that you don't think twice about.

For instance, I can climb a tall ladder to paint high ceilings, help somebody who's seriously injured without feeling faint, and know from previous job training how to do a single leg or double leg takedown on a crazed person.

But I cannot change a tire.

Last week, while waiting for the AAA guys to replace my blown front tire, I wondered how many men - and women - in my situation would not require this type of roadside service. They'd get out the jack, the tire iron, and the spare, and take care of it for themselves.

Would you?

My brother, who inherited all of the mechanical genius that I lack, tried his best to educate me about cars - engine to chassis - when we were younger. And, as a former race car driver, he not only understands cars; he understands how split-second driving decisions can make the difference between life and death.

Lucky for me I actually listened to him every so often.

It was his sound advice playing in my head years ago when a numbskull behind the wheel of a speeding car ran a red light, coming straight at me through an intersection. Based on what my brother had told me to do, I tried out some defensive driving maneuvers that day, and avoided what would have been a very bad head-on collision.

That's how it happens sometimes. Life sends a challenge your way, you stay strong in the moment, then figure out which skills are needed to handle it.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said:

"**A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she's in hot water."**

In my personal and professional experience, many women have passed at least one hot water test.

I bet you have too.


So. What special skills/strengths do you have for handling life's big and little situations?

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