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Women Hurt Longer and Deeper

By Sasha

I’ve heard it said, “in break ups, women hurt longer and deeper.” Somehow, it makes sense but part of me is unsettled with a question, does that mean women cared more about the relationship than the man did?

I can never assume utmost certainty regarding this theory because I am not a man. I can’t begin to fathom how break ups affect them. However, this theory presents an angle that is oftentimes overlooked and overstated. Does that makes sense to you? Well, let me explain.

I believe that women are emotional creatures and yea, we do have the tendency to over-drama-tise a life occurence. We have the tendency to hold on to past hurts more than men do. With that said, people around such individuals tend to overlook it since they have grown to believe that it’s overstated. Now, did I make sense? (I hope so. If not — oh, dear.)

My head is filled with my own thoughts on the matter, so, I reckon throwing the question to you guys would help me see it in a new light. What do you think of this theory? Do women really hurt longer and deeper after break ups?

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