Why Me? Why Us?

I am going to let you all in on a little secret.... PR and Marketing firms totally whore out fashion blogs. Which takes a lot of fun out of blogging and reading blogs. When I go to some of my fav. fashion blogs and see them writing about a product or service, I feel cheap knowing that same information was sent to me saying it was "perfect" for my blog.

Nothing is more insulting to me than companies with money that try to pimp their goods through innocent people that blog because its their passion. Most bloggers (me included) don't rake in big dollars by blogging. I might get a check for $4 every six months and it doesn't bother me because I have a day job and express my love for fashion because I love it.

So when I get the press releases I typically hit delete. However lately they have just been funny. Like the ghetto ankle cell phone holster. How can I not tell the world about that. Its frickin comical as hell. So today I get another release that is equally ghett0. Check it out...


Andre’s Box features the fabulous fashion stylist Andre J as he lets you in on his latest fashion obsession. Each episode showcases Andre’s most recent unique find in luxury lifestyle fashion. From chic innovative gloves to sexy slenderizing pants, Andre always introduces something fabulous.

And in the comments section (this is for you fellow bloggers) tell me your thoughts on the herd of non personal and ridiculous press releases that you receive.

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