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Does the Weather Play a Role in Making or Breaking Relationships

By Sasha

My friend casually raised the theory that goes, “It’s summer and it’s beginning to be hot. I think the heat is one of the factors that create this hostile environment between people. It explains why it seems to be a season of break ups or brawls in and outside cliques.”

Pretty reaching, eh?

I was left baffled by the statement and I had to pause and digest what he said. I had to ask myself, “can the heat cause break ups?”

I have to scientific proof to support this somewhat weird theory. My mind can’t reconcile the facts and ideas. I simply find it ludicrous.

Sure, the heat can trigger or heighten irritations. It can push a person to be annoyed at the slightest mistake. It’s up to the couple on how they will handle this sort of situation. They can either be understanding of each other or, er, not. And with this same “heat” you find an excuse to jump under the shower with someone? Bottomline is, I still believe that it’s not the weather’s fault that you guys break up (or hook up), right? It’s the fact that you couldn’t find a better solution to pacify the situation or use sound judgment. I mean, does that say someone can plead temporary insanity brought about by the heat, so, can be excused from what transpired in that situation? I find it a bit silly.

How about you? Do you think that the weather can play a role in making or breaking relationships? I’d really like to know.

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