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Mr amp Mrs Smith the Sequel

By popbytes

good morning! gosh i'm so happy today is friday - the sun is shining bright here in los angeles and i'll be off from my day job all next week as i head over to the east coast...what else could anyone ask for?!? well perhaps a sequel to 05's mr. & mrs. smith - that flick starring angelina jolie and brad pitt kicked ass - i totally loved it - and if they can do it right then i'd love to see those characters go another round! this week's **STAR** magazine claims that the couple have met with paramount pictures to discuss the possibility of a sequel! if you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favor and rent it - it's very entertaining plus there's plenty of pitt & jolie eye candy! i doubt this sequel would kick-off anytime soon but i've got my fingers crossed this'll happen at somepoint! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

brad pitt and angelina jolie, who played married assassins in the 2005 action film mr. & mrs. smith and fell in love on the set, are considering a follow-up film. "brad and angelina recently met with paramount pictures chairman brad grey to discuss it," a source tells star. "i hear the script will give them a daughter." really!

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