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Gwyneth amp Courtney - New BF's ...

By Leisa

Courtney Love & Gwyneth Paltrow have been spending quite a bit of time together in Los Angeles lately. You might say Gwynnie is the one who got Courtney on the macrobiotic diet she says helped her lose over 50 lbs. Courtney completely denies surgery of any kind, just good old fashion diet and exercise. Gwyneth has been macrobiotic for years and is practices yoga and pilates religiously. The odd couple were seen out at Wolfgang Puck's Beverly Hills restaurant Cut on Monday night.

That's not all. The pair was lucky enough to run into The Cruise's while they were dining.........

**** has learned that Paltrow, 34, and Love, 42, who first met in 1997, have rekindled a friendship that had broken off after Paltrow began spending most of her time in London.

A source tells us now that Paltrow is back working more in Los Angeles, the pair has been hanging out and "bonding over yoga," which Love recently began practicing in earnest as part of her new health regime (Love has lost 50 pounds since December).

"Gwen's happpy to see Courtney healthy and happy again and wants to be there for her and help her acting comeback," says a source, adding that Paltrow refers to Love's recent era of substance abuse as a time when the rocker was "out sick."

Fellow Cut diners Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at one point in the night stopped by Paltrow's table to say hello, with Cruise putting his arm around Love with the kind of exuberance we haven't seen since he went on Oprah. "You look like a movie star!" Cruise was overheard telling Love.

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