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Paula Abdul Gets Denied

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Paula Abdul reportedly went diva on a recent flight and demanded special treatment. A source tells Star:

"She pulled a major diva trip. The other passengers were not amused. She asked to be let on the plane and seated first." When Abdul was told that only young children, people with disabilities and the elderly were allowed to board early, she reportedly declared, "But I'm famous! I need to go on first!" A number of fellow passengers heard the exchange, and one shouted at her: "You're no Sanjaya! You have to board like everyone else." That, according to the source, prompted a round of laughter from the others - except Abdul. Once boarding began, Abdul pushed her way in front of the rest of the passengers so that she did get on first, and tried to keep the seat next to her empty, telling others it was taken. Finally, a flight attendant told her she had to give up the seat because the flight was full. Abdul kept her head bowed and reportedly was "twitchy" during much of the trip.

This sounds completely made-up, even for Paula Abdul. Plus the source is Star, so that doesn't help much either. You'd get more reliable reporting from some scribbles on a Post-It note you found in the trash.

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