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Katie amp Tom Headed for Divorce??

By popbytes

hey hey! better late than never here's the latest cover of **STAR** magazine which is all over the drama between tom cruise and his 'stepford' bride katie holmes - this week the magazine is claiming they'll soon be heading to divorceville - like i've said before i would love to see this couple split up but i don't think xenu is going to be very happy if they do...i want to know what phone call they're referring to below - you know the one 'that changed everything' plus did tom's mom really move in?!? lordy no one needs their mother-in-law hanging around!

other stories include britney spears revenge with a $10 million tell-all - i hope she dishes about what a loser & skank paris hilton really is! then there's rumors of a possible reconciliation between vince vaughn & jennifer aniston (oh i hope not - she can totally do better!) of course that lindsay lohan possible lesbo romp with DJ samantha ronson (her brother is mark ronson - the man behind lily allen & amy winehouse) is still making headlines! finally we've got 'daddy meanest' alec baldwin - i totally think he can be an asshole and probably lost his temper (he was completely out of line with that nasty vocemail) but i don't trust that kim basinger one bit - that situation needs to be resolved ASAP - ugh - what a messy scene! (they'll both be in court soon) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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