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Britney's Babies Seem to Be Long Forgotten

By HollyWit

OK! Magazine has a story in this week’s issue about how Britney is dumping her kids off on her estranged husband, K-Fed, and how she only sees them every other weekend. And on Easter Sunday, Brit cut out early to go shopping.

Britney is treating her kids like pet animals that have fallen out of favor, the article claims. While she once gladly fed, clothed and doted on them, they’re now forgotten and are cared for by others:

“Britney says she has too much going on with getting back to work on her album that her plate is too full to care for two kids,” a close friend of the singer tells OK!. “Both times she was pregnant, Kevin was partying all over town. Now, it’s her turn; she thinks it is time for him to be a dad.” Sean and Jayden live with their father about 80 percent of the time, with Britney getting them every other weekend. But, the friend says, “her agreement is that she’ll take over if he has something going on professionally…”

All the while [Britney has been shopping, going out to dinner and getting massages] she has been seeing very little of her sons. “Even when she has them, she doesn’t really want them,” a Spears family friend tells OK!. “She had them Easter weekend but made Kevin get them on Sunday because she wanted to go shopping. Britney and Kevin are fighting. They agreed to share custody, but she keeps coming up with reasons she can’t have the boys.”

A Federline family member feels that Britney treats her kids the way she did her dogs. “They were fun to dress and carry around, but she never understood that a pet comes with work,” the source says. “She loves buying the boys clothes and toys. Just don’t ask her to change diapers or deal with a cranky infant. She can’t handle it.

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