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Tomorrow Paris Hilton Finds out if She Goes to Jail ...

By HollyWit

Los Angeles city prosecutors are formally requesting that the Paris Hilton be put in the clink for 45 days for alleged probation violations.

A hearing is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

In papers filed Monday, prosecutors petitioned the court to revoke Hilton's probation and slap her with a variety of punishments, from "imprisonment" to 90 days of government-monitored teetotaling.

"Considering Hilton's new transgressions of law, flagrant disregard of this Court's prior order and violation of her conditions of probation, these measures are necessary, reasonable and just," the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office concluded. ********

Hilton's legal troubles began last September, when she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. "Paris Whitney Hilton," as the 26-year-old Simple Life star is referred to by prosecutors, resolved the case on Jan. 22, when she pleaded no contest to one count of alcohol-related reckless driving.

Per the deal, Hilton agreed to enroll in an alcohol-education program and stay out of trouble for three years.

But as the court papers alleged, Hilton was already driving on thin treads even before her probation began. That's because, prosecutors said, her license had been suspended back in November by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

So when Hilton got cited for speeding in her Bentley on Feb. 27, prosecutors argued in the filing, not only wasn't she abiding by the terms of her probation, she wasn't abiding by the DMV.

Hilton's camp has suggested that Hilton didn't know her driver's license was suspended. Prosecutors have suggested that just can't be.

Their Exhibit A: Yet another traffic stop, on Jan. 15, in which Hilton was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers for puttering around in the Bentley sans license plates. The officers reminded Hilton that she wasn't supposed to be driving and ordered her passenger to take over the wheel, prosecutors said.

Hilton also stands accused of not enrolling in the court-mandated alcohol-education program as of Apr. 17. She was supposed to have done so by Feb. 12, the court papers said.

Lately, when Paris has been out she hasn't been smiling a whole lot. I'm sure that this day is weighing heavily on her mind. I think she is going to either get a ankle monitoring bracelet or she is going to jail. The courts are going to send a message to Hollywood that you are not above the law. So, stay posted and we will let you know once the verdict is in.

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