So Why Gisele Left Victoria's Secret


So  Why Gisele Left Victoria's Secret
So  Why Gisele Left Victoria's Secret

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Last week we learned that Gisele, the devastatingly attractive supermodel who used to be synonymous with Victoria's Secret, parted ways with the lingerie company.

Today, rumor is that she's now going to be ... a designer. (Just like every other celebrity these days.) Instead of wearing lacy underoos created by someone else, the star is now going to create her own for H&M.

This is still very much a rumor, though Catwalk Queen calls it "a pretty firm one," so by all accounts you can expect to see "Gisele for H&M" sometime soon.

Most of these celebrity lines have been decidedly underwhelming, so I'm not all that interested to see what the model comes up with. That being said, I'm sure there's a number of people around the world who are just excited that she'll still be posing without her clothes on.
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