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Pop Nosh Britney Spears Placin' Blame ...

By popbytes

britney spears fired her manager larry rudolph - the man responsible for her meeting paris hilton!

pamela anderson surfs the web - she responded to what everyone had to say about those pics...

jlo & marc anthony are pissed about some tabloid story involving them & heroin! now they're suing!

john travolta has a big head - he compared his fame to that of elvis presley and marilyn monroe...

someone is trying to be clever...maxim magazine picked sanjaya as their 'hot girl' of the day!

oh my goodness - i love my stevie nicks! she opens up in the latest issue of blender magazine!

after dating for over five years - calista flockheart is now engaged to harrison 'grandpa' ford...

even though i hate the show i'll admit i did see heather mills fall on 'dancing with the stars'

i bet brit's manager is glad he doesn't have to work for a dummy! here's britney making no sense...

trendmill talks to the gals behind waffles+falafels - apparently they have a big myspace following

a happy birthday goes out to my darling victoria beckham who turns 33! (and jen garner turns 35!)

yikes! jessica simpson almost had a nipple slip - those boobs must be difficult to keep in line!

jessica alba knows how to score points with popbytes - here she is showing love to her cute doggie

paris hilton needs to calm down on the fake tanning - she's making her boyfriend look like a ghost

katie holmes is getting back to work - she's down in louisiana now ready to shoot 'mad money'!

whoa - borat & elizabeth taylor! check out some more impossible couples from across the decades...

lumidee she's like the wind**amy winehouse** 'valerie' on 'the dl'

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