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Britney Brings out the Babies

By HollyWit

Once again our dear Britney is rockin' brown boots & fishnet stockings.
Please somebody get this girl a stylist!
Oh & BTW, the stockings have a hole on both legs.
What can you say about this this chick's oblivious attitude
to the whole dressing shtick. Gotta Love It!

Let's get on with ALL the Britney Spears gossip & I mean All!

Page Six is reporting,

"Ms. Spears has got fans guessing about when she’ll make her big comeback performance after reportedly pulling the plug on a show in Los Angeles late on Wednesday night.

The Toxic singer was expected to take the stage with her band the M & Ms at hip Los Angeles club Forty Deuce, where she swapped costumes with dancers in December, but failed to show.

On the club’s website, boss Ivan Kane says, “She came on stage during rehearsals, looking very hot, with four back-up dancers and sang three songs.

“They ran through the set several times, the choreography was smokin’, and she sounded great.”

But Spears decided that she needed more time to rehearse for her comeback performance, and left devotees disappointed.

A handful of semi-secret shows are lined up for Los Angeles next week. "

However, reportsare surfacing that Ms.Britney will be performing at the House Of Blues. Her camp didn't really keep it a secret did they? And while all her fans are speculating on her comeback, others are wondering if Britney is back on the sauce. Did you ever wonder how the PAPS were always there? Well, it seems they get a little phone call. Since all the PAPS are everywhere, one of them got a really good shot of Britney's thigh...which brings up the question did she get lipo? While we all are trying to figure out whether she did or didn't lipo, there are still others who believe that Britney has sent her family packing and is going to write a tell all book!

So is this why Mama Spears & Jamie Lynn are at LAX?

Whatever ends up happening in Britney's life I'm sure that with all this press coverage she's been getting it won't be difficult for us to keep track.
Source: DailyStab, Sexy-Celebs,& BritneyReys.

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