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Remember when Bobbi Brown was on such a hot streak? Her last few collections - **Gold**, **Chocolate**, and **Sparkles & Rubies** - were incredible, and of course, sold like hotcakes. The Diamond Dust shadow in Gilded, from the Gold collection, was gone in a flash (but I got one! Thanks **Erika**); same with Chocolate Cherry and Ruby Shimmer nail polishes from the later collections. Ruby Shimmer barely made it onto the website before it disappeared.

The frenzy reached its peak when a $48 **Chocolate Eye Palette went for $165 on eBay**.

So of course, like any good beauty addict, I anxiously awaited the spring and summer collections from Bobbi.

And then we got...the **Violet">!077204F345B7!Sh8A6k4NYYzg~~ws-nocache~~@">**Violet Face Palette**? Purple is purty, but not all over your face, all at once! Was I the only one who thought the colors were difficult to wear, completely uncharacteristic of Bobbi's "neutrals" philosophy and, well, not exactly on trend?

Guess not. After a few months, the limited edition Violet palette is still available for purchase on, with nary a SOLD OUT warning in sight. The hot streak was over.

I was hoping for a comeback with the summer collection, but once again I find myself disappointed. The cornerstone of the new collection, the **Surf">!0384530963D0!Sh8A6k4NYYzg~~ws-nocache~~@">**Surf & Sand eye palette**, contains not one, but FOUR shimmery shadows in the pale blue/aqua range. While I agree that a touch of pale aqua on the lids is beachy and pretty with a good (faux) tan - and definitely on trend for this summer - who needs 4 options in a palette of 10 shades? Moreover, this palette is so small, and there are no separators between the colors, so by August you're going to have taupe in your aqua and blue in your ivory, for sure.

What gives? I'm jonesing for another blockbuster collection from Bobbi. I think I'm going to have to start doing **The Secret**!

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