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WWYD Make the Match or Not

By Sasha

I’m not setting them up to go on a blind date. I’m not even giving out contact information to hook them up! I’m simply opening up an opportunity, or bridging the gap if you may, for them to get to know one another. I just want them to see the possibilities I’m seeing!

Okay. I’m sounding overly defensive about what I’m about to do, er, at least the other half of ‘the plan’ but I know you guys will say, “here goes Sasha again with her meddling in our people’s dating life” Eeep. I just want my single friends to meet my other single friends for posterity’s sake! Fine. I know. There’s the “what if they break each other’s hearts” thingie. /sighs

I already mentioned her to my guy friend. He’s interested but worried that she might not like him. He got intimidated by the fact that she’s accomplished and somewhat well-off even when he’s a Fil-Aussie with a job and somewhat ready to marry.

You got it. They live in different continents. If they hit it off, it’ll be a long distance kinda’ thing. Hehe.

I’m now left to the task of actually letting the girl know of his existence since he now knows of hers! But, yea, part of me is a bit hesitant cuz I know that even when my intentions are genuine, I can’t control the hands of fate between these two individuals.

I just can’t help but ask, “what’s the harm in introducing them?”

What do you think? Do you think it’s wise to go through with this matchmaking endeavour?

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