Does My Blog Look Big in This?

Well folks this is it - My New Style Designers Block. What do you think? It's not been an easy road but I am pleased with the results. I decided it was about time I changed to the new layout system in Blogger and to transfer all my ads and links was easy once I got into it.

Yes I have changed my photograph to a newer one as the other one was taken 4 years ago. I'm not getting any younger so I think you should see me as I am now rather than when I was younger. Brave or what?

I have created a new banner featuring Ghost Furniture. This wasn't an easy decision as I like the blog to be apart from Ghost but it's what I do so I thought it appropriate.

I did a post the other day about how much I love relief work and am so pleased I could incorporate that into the background.

I have moved my sidebar contents about to get my links further up the page and have added a new Friends list for anyone who wants to swap a banner link. If anyone is interested just email me or put a comment here.

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